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Is The Sale Or Purchase Of Marijuana Legal In Ontario?

Earlier this year, the Progressive Conservative government of Ontario announced that the online sale and purchase of recreational cannabis will become legal as of October 17, 2018. Beginning early 2019, recreational weed will also be available in private retail stores. Details of the government’s announcement includes:

  • Legalization of the online sale and purchase of as much as 30 grams of recreational marijuana products in the form of dried cannabis, oil based products, seeds, and related accessories.
  • The purchase of the above items to consumers aged 19 and older.
  • A system for online purchase and home delivery of the above stated items.
  • Strict guidelines applicable to private retailers of the above stated items.
  • Enforcement of strict drug-impaired driving laws.

Further information about the PC government’s plans for the legalization of recreational marijuana sale, purchase, and use can be found online. Hamilton’s Dank Dispensary is very pleased that the PC government is promoting a private sector recreational weed market, and is looking forward to working with them to successfully establish retail storefronts. Our goal is to continue to provide our Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Ancaster, Dundas, and Waterdown based clients safe access to high quality dried marijuana flowers, pre rolls, edibles, vaping cartridges, and concentrates. Browse our website to learn more about our dispensary, or visit our store location to explore cannabis strains and forms for recreational and medicinal use.