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Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis

Is marijuana a gateway drug?

Not at all. Recent studies have shown that weed alleviates opioid and alcohol withdrawal symptoms in those dependent on these substances. Perhaps one day medical facilities will treat addictions with cannabis and demystify the myth that it will lead to the use of hard drugs like cocaine or heroin.

Can I become addicted to weed?

Because it lacks the chemicals associated with physical dependency, it’s not possible to become physically addicted to marijuana. However the frequent use of cannabis can be classified as “marijuana use disorder”, which is a psychological dependence.

Are cannabis users more likely to become criminals?

In countries where weed is prohibited, those who consume marijuana are committing a crime as they are breaking the law. Whether you live in a country where weed use is illegal or not, using cannabis does not automatically set you up to lead a life of crime. There’s absolutely no clear link between marijuana and criminal activity.

Can marijuana lower my IQ?

Cannabis does not make a person less intelligent. In fact, the CBD found in weed has been found to support neurogenesis in the brain.

Can I overdose on weed?

Yes, you can overdose on marijuana, and it is possible to experience nonlethal symptoms like anxiety or dizziness. In order to die from a cannabis overdose, a person would need to consume a very high quantity in a very short period of time.

Why is medicinal cannabis considered socially acceptable, but recreational marijuana is not?

Whether you use it to alleviate aches and pains, or to get high, weed is weed. No matter your reasons for consuming marijuana, it still comes from the same plant. The main difference between medicinal and recreational cannabis is how they are regulated and where you source it from. Medical weed is prescribed, whereas recreational weed will be available for purchase online in Ontario as of October 17, 2018.

What does it feel like to get high?

Weed affects everyone differently. Some people feel happy, even euphoric, others might feel calm, relaxed, less anxious, while others might feel more energetic or even paranoid. Depending on the strain of marijuana, and its CBD or THC levels, each type provides dissimilar effects.

Is marijuana bad for me?

Most dedicated weed users claim that they greatly benefit from it. However, research on this subject is limited so it’s difficult to confirm whether cannabis use is 100% safe and effective for everyone. It’s important to note that marijuana is not associated with long-term brain impairment, lung damage, or any serious health issues such as cancer. However, if you suffer from psychotic disorders or a serious heart condition, there are some risks you should be aware of. If you want to use weed and lower your health risks, pass on the pre rolls and consider choosing from one of many vaping cartridges and concentrates on the market, or try some tasty edibles like gummy candies or baked goods.

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